Celtic Rhythms 2013


Fleur worked as both Co-Producer and as choreographic consultant on Celtic Rhythms second tour of The Netherlands.

Donna Durack was brought on board to choreograph all the traditional Irish dance numbers and to provide movement material for the production. Fleur then worked in collaboration with Donna to ensure that the numbers had the musical theatre crossover that the production required. For example:

  • Singing In The Rain was given a new twist as Slipjigging In The Rain with a nod to the hugely successful musical number but very much presented via Irish dance and Irish music.
  • Celtic Stomp was a number that utilised Irish dance rhythms but with a fun approach that very much showcased each performers personality which is something that doesn’t usually happen in traditional Irish dance.

Stepping outside of the boundaries of traditional form, the performers were required to break rank from the usual military presentation of Irish dance and had to act throughout their dance numbers very much as musical theatre performers would have to do. This was a real challenge for them but with the collaboration between Donna and Fleur this was made possible and the audiences absolutely loved the end result.

Production Images

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