Mary Peters – 40 Golden Years


PC Productions with Fleur on board as Producer, was approached by The Mary Peter’s Trust to produce a high-profile evening at the Grand Opera House, Belfast. This would celebrate the 40th anniversary of Dame Mary Peter’s gold medal win at the Munich Olympic games. However, there was a catch, Dame Mary would be at the evening but was to know nothing of the planning of the event. So, a plan was devised to present a ‘this is your life’ type evening with Dame Mary as the special guest which she wouldn’t discover until the evening was underway.


The logistics for this took about 6 months in planning alongside the Trust and also the main event host Gerry Kelly, a main broadcaster for BBC NI and BBC Radio Ulster. Whilst the look of the show was being decided, the line up of guest presenters, sporting hero’s and the cream of Northern Ireland’s performers was also being finalized. Everyone involved in the onstage part of the evening would be there because they had a deep personal connection to Dame Mary and again, it all had to be kept secret from her so as not to ruin the moment.

Behind the scenes

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The end result was an incredible star-studded evening with more Olympic athletes and celebrities under one roof than has ever been experienced before in Belfast.

Guest interviewers included:

  • Gerry Kelly (BBC Radio Ulster)
  • Paddy Kielty
  • Eamonn Holmes
  • Jackie Fullerton

Olympic Sporting onstage guests:

  • Sir Stephen Redgrave
  • Dame Kelly Holmes
  • Sue Barker
  • Duncan Goodhew
  • Adrian Moorhouse
  • Pat Jennings
  • Lynn Davies
  • Peter Chambers
  • Alan Campbell
  • Paddy Barnes
  • Michael Conlon
  • Dennis Taylor
  • Jayne Torville
  • Dickie Davies
  • Daly Thompson
  • David Hemery
  • Katie Kirk

Guest performers included:

  • Van Morrisson
  • Dan Gordon
  • Peter Corry
  • Barry Douglas
  • Phil Coulter
  • David Meade
  • Brian Kennedy
  • May McFettridge
  • Adoro

It was one hell of a night.

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Link here to view more information on the night via the Mary Peter’s Trust and also for further information on their charitable work.