Celtic Rhythms (2013)


Celtic Rhythms was re-staged from the 2011 production to bring a more traditional flavour to the show whilst still keeping the theatrical style that star and Director Peter Corry is known for.

The set was brought back and a few original band members but all the dancers were entirely new to the show. Auditions were held in Dublin to find the strongest dancers and the production ended up with many ex-champion dancers, so high was the standard.

With a long-standing relationship already in place with the promoter from The Netherlands this time it was a case of getting the show up and running in a very short space of time. The pre-production lead up to the show was around two months and the period of time from rehearsals to opening night was just over two weeks so everyone had to be very much at the top of their game to achieve the high standards required. Fleur was involved in set realization, logistics, wardrobe and as choreographic consultant.

This was a five week tour of The Netherlands so once the production was up and running Fleur kept an eye from London and went out for the close of the tour.

The show involved Irish dance, songs and music with solo singers stepping out from both the dancers and musicians.

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