The Crocodile – Opera


Brought on board by Age of Anxiety Productions, Fleur was asked to produce this new realisation of The Crocodile which can best be described as an Opera crossed with a Musical. It was a total sell out.


an opera by Llywelyn ap Myrddin

based on a short story by Dostoyevsky

The crocodile tells the story of the showing of the great beast at a great high society party in St Petersberg university at the turn of the twentieth century. Surrounded by his acolytes, Dr Philip Philipovich and his chums Semyon and Ivan are hard at work finalising the last details of a pre-public press conference when disaster strikes and Ivan is eaten whole by said Croc! What are Philip and Semyon to do? How will they explain what has happened, and how will they get it past Ivan’s diva wife Elana!

Musically, the crocodile is a wonderful counterpoint of Schostachovitchian writing, infused with samba, tango and Soul by way of Tchaikovsky and Angelo Badalamenti. It is a sharp and witty study of what happens when the logic of progress and culture starts to crumble around us, and we refuse to accept our fundamental desires.

Croc’s Day out

The Crocodile himself was a fully realized puppet operated by one puppeteer. In order to test him out, Croc got taken on a day trip around London. You can see how it went here:

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Croc was a huge part of the production and was in fact the mouthpiece of the twitter campaign that help sell the show out. Comments and musings from Croc helped build a loyal following on Twitter who showed their appreciation with their feet by turning up in their droves to book tickets:

Queueing out of the door!

Queuing out of the door!



4 stars in The Evening Standard!

4 stars in The Evening Standard!

Full Production

Production Images

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Link to Tete a Tete Website with full description and full photo gallery

Twitter: @CrocodileOpera